Who is PitchStreet?

We are a social networking and lead generation platform of Investors, seeking investment opportunities, and entrepreneurs, whom are seeking investment capital.


What We Do

PitchStreet is an online investment networking directory database used as a VC and Private Equity lead generation platform for entrepreneurs seeking investment capital. Funding Seekers can download our 28,000+ database and Pitch investors on a 1-2-1 basis.

Our downladable directory is broken down by investor genre and contains 100% complete contact details such as phone number, address, email, first name, last name just to name a few. In addition to our optional downloadable database, PitchStreet members can utilize our online social networking enviroment and make new business partnerships / connections. Our online community is primarly focused on the financial industry such as Funding Seekers, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs seeking Investment Opportunities and so forth.
Pitch one-another and open the doors to new business opportunities.

Note: PitchSreet is NOT a financial institution nor a finance broker. We do not receive a commission from investors nor do we get involved in brokering your deal. We do offer a FREE avenue to showcase your investment opportunity interests, the ability to create a FREE Business Plan, Upload your Video Pitch and we do also have paid services such as Website Design and Lead Generation.

Get 100% Direct Leads with Profile Matching - Get Noticed!

Every online account/profile on PitchStreet.com comes with our proprietary Profile Match technology. Think of us as a dating website for the finance sectors.  Get 100% matches of Investors looking to invest in projects that match your interests or vice vera (find funding seekers and entrepreneurs whom are looking for investment capital).

What makes us different?
No need to login daily to patrol our online investor database, scouting out new leads that match your criteria. Every new match is automatically added to your account's Profile Match and an auto-responder email notification will be sent to you of the new match.

How We Charge

Many entrepreneurs use our Network to identify potential capital partners and reach out to them.  To post your listing to our Network, to receive your profile matches, to send your profile Ad listing to investors and to receive emails from members costs you $0.00, although you will need to upgrade your account for a small fee to reply to any mesages in your PitchStreet inbox or to send direct messages to other members.

Others that need a little bit more help, from finding the right capital raising strategy or help with creating an online business plan, we have a Business Consulting group that charges anywhere from $300+  and can further accomadate you by building a professional presentation and get you noticed!


What We Don't Do

We're not capital brokers.  We're not lenders.  We're not investors.  We can't guarantee you'll find funding with our downloadable investor database or on our online networkig community  - no one can (unless they are writing the check themselves!).

We don't take commissions on raising capital.  We don't 'shop' your deal for you.  Our website is a lead generation website and you are required to make your own connections and network with anyone of interest and prequalify one another. At the end of the day it's still up to you to cross the finish line.  We can open the doors to opportunity but you have to close them.

*** Best of Luck and we look forward in you being a part of another PitchStreet finance success story ***