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Real Estate Investment Opportunity seeking partner
Profile Ad:  My name is David, I am a Real Estate Investor in New York City. I have been in the Real Estate arena for 15 years. I have been successfully fixing and flipping residential and commercial property's for 7 years, taking advantage of the economical crunch. I have a team of 3 employees and no other active partners aside from myself.

I do have my own capital to invest into projects. My interests on this site is to find an Partner whom would like to combine there efforts and resources on real estate ventures.

An ideal partner aside from being cash flow positive should have a min of 5 years real estate experience and carpentry experience. If you feel we may be a good match to work with one another, contact me and lets collaborate.

I can provide personal and credit references upon request. Please refer to my profile ID 555555 for pictures of myself as reference and the property's that I am currently interested in.