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Lunar Power & Light Company offering beamed power and ancillary services in Cislunar space

Gary B. MD, United States

Startup Funding Needed $4M
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Xtraordinary Innovative Space Partnerships, Inc. (XISP-Inc) is a U.S. for-profit stock corporation focused on the creation of Cislunar Technology Development, Demonstration, and Deployment (TD**3) missions and the Public-Private Partnerships to execute them.
Our mission development process aggregates stranded intellectual property and creates a consortium of stakeholders that can accomplish the necessary technology development, demonstration, and deployment work to deliver useful products and services for each increment of investment. XISP-lnc is a virtual enterprise with over 25 staff/consultants, 22 companies, 6 universities, 4 non-profits, and 3 agencies participating.

Since founding on November 26, 2012 XISP-Inc has invested directly over $2 Million Cash and In-kind (along with substantial additional direct cash and in-kind contributions from consortium partners) in our Technology Development, Demonstration, and Deployment (TD**3) mission development efforts.

Our portfolio of commercial TD**3 missions which are moving forward with the advice and consent of NASA include:
• Power & Ancillary Surfaces Beaming, including Space-to-Space, Surface-to-Surface, Space-to-Lunar/Asteroidal Surfaces, and Space-to-Earth application venues.
• Interoperable Network Communications Architectures (INCA)

Specific instances of the same being worked include but are not limited to:
• Interoperable Network Communication Architectures (INCA) for Department of Homeland Security
• Visible and Active Space Tracking (VAST)
• Solar Dynamic Systems (SDS)
• WaterWitch Robotic Lunar Regolith Processing Mechanism & End-to-End Process Flow Engineering
• ISS/Alternate Platform Propulsion Testbed
• Cislunar Utility Technology, Integration & Interface Standards
• Space-to-Space Power Beaming (SSPB)
• Lunar Surface-to-Surface Power & Ancillary Services Beaming
• Space-to-Lunar/Asteroidal Surface Power & Ancillary Services Beaming
• Space-to-Earth Power Beaming
• Sustainable Energy Generation (SEG)
• Sustainable Energy Distribution (SED)
• Wake On Known Event (WOKE) Alert Satellites

Our current focus is translating our TD**3 mission development work into actionable business plans for each identified market for the Lunar Power & Light Company.


Looking to invest in Real Estate, Factoring and Startups with a future

Daniel A. PA, United States

Investor Available Capital $600K
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I'm a real estate agent in Pittsburgh by professional trade. I just sold my house and I'm feeling out investment opportunities. Real Estate investments are my comfort zone but I am open to explore other investment portfolio interests. If your going to pitch me be sure that you have a proper pitch, website and business plan in place.


Inventory Capital Needed for Invention

Stephen C. Missouri, United States

Startup Funding Needed $500K
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Hanging wind turbine electricity generator. Our Patented product is the lowest cost wind turbine product on the market. Our turbine can be made to fit any size and space you have available.
Our mission is:

to make low-cost wind energy available to everyone using our innovative and patented technology, and
to use our technology to produce unique, new products that save lives, improve lifestyle, and reduce pollution.
The original hanging wind turbine was developed to charge an electric bike using sustainable energy and without a tower, permits, or any other expensive infrastructure. The windmill design was so successful that the technology was awarded US and international patents in 2019. The original design has improved and evolved into the REVOLT wind turbine.

Because the product is original, inexpensive, and powerful, we are determined to bring this windmill to market using the latest mass-production techniques. We believe that REVOLT wind turbines will be available for purchase and ready for worldwide distribution by the end of 2019.


I'm looking to invest in Startups / Business Partnerships - North America only.

Linda P. ND, United States

Investor Available Capital $400K
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2. Your Business Plan Executive Summary
3. How much investment do you need?
4. Term of Investment
5. Video introduction


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