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CannaSystems Canada Inc. R-2 Helical Decorticator System

Bruce R. ON, Canada

Startup Funding Needed $150K
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We build modern machine technology to produce hemp materials for green manufacturing. With modern, proven and scalable technology, CannaSystems turns industrial hemp fields into Fibre and Core bio-material product streams.
It begins on the hemp farm, creating value and revenue from the Farm to the Factory.


We have helped 100+ companies launch

Curtis G. Arizona, United States

Investor Available Capital $87M
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A small group of Tucson-based private investors formed the Desert Angels™ in 2000. Since that time, the Desert Angels has grown to become one of the country’s leading angel investor groups. Today, the organization has over 80 members, many of whom have invested in a significant portfolio of companies.

The primary focus of the Desert Angels is to fund entrepreneurial ventures. To that end, the organization reviews over 300 applications per year as possible investments. Those companies that excel during the Desert Angels’ rigorous screening process are invited to present to the organization’s general membership at one of its monthly dinner meetings.


To establish (build) the Resource Center for Extreme Tourism (RCET), including hotel and training center

Sukhrob K. Tajikistan, Tajikistan

Startup Funding Needed $3M
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The company’s immediate plans include active growth and scaling. Our team has sufficient experience in tourism, and we are well acquainted with our audience, their needs and problems. We intended to release three new full-fledged products in the next 5 months. These are – hunting, mountaineering in Tajikistan, and the Internet portal “TAJHOTELS.TJ”. These days we have 50 of our own, and more than 450 partner tours having cultural and historical adventure nature. “Bunyod-Tour” plans to establish (build) the Resource Center for Extreme Tourism (RCET), including hotel and training center within the territory of 5000 m2 with complex services such as accommodation, preparation (training, instruction), escort and safety guarantee (insurance) for extreme tourists. In the project's boundaries / RCET a unique and popular products in Central Asia will be released, such as mountaineering; rock climbing; trekking (mountain hike); hunting for wild animals; rafting; skydiving; balloon tour (aeronautics); hang glider tour. According to UNWTO, the potential market for travel services in the world in 2018 (PAM) amounted to $ 1.7 trillion, and has a stable annual growth of 5-7% (2017- $ 1.3 trillion). While, in Tajikistan, the tourism services market (TAM) has more regressive dynamics (data from the Statistics Agency under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan): • 2016 - $ 396,415,000 (330 thousand visits / tourists) • 2017 - $ 499.2 million (400 thousand visits / tourists) • 2018 - $ 1,305,540,000 (1.1 million visits / tourists) A sharp increase of the tourism market in Tajikistan – 275%, primarily has an economic and political character in two aspects: 1) Government support for the sector - 2018 was declared the Year of Tourism and Handicraft Development (this initiative was continued for another three years - until 2021); and 2) Development of diplomatic relations with the countries of the region, including with Uzbekistan - 9 border crossing points have been opened, which will allow tourists to simultaneously visit two states. Our strategy is to provide a range of services and a flexible system for the implementation of tour products aimed at customer needs and market requirements.


Creating opportunities for entrepreneurs is what we do best

Julie H. Oregon, United States

Investor Available Capital $75M
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Founded in 2013, Cascade Angels is a professionally managed, investor driven collaborative venture fund that creates opportunities for investors and businesses with connections to Oregon to drive economic growth and fuel prosperity.


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